Guided tour

Mediation activities are free, subject to availability.
Information and reservations at 04 94 93 37 90 or by email

→ "Summer in Toulon" course every day at 11:00 am, departing from the former bishopric.
Traveling commented tour to different exhibition places: Former bishopric, Rue des Arts, Galerie du Canon, Hôtel des Arts.
Approximate duration: 1h30

→ Guided tour of the exhibition of François Halard and Alexandre Benjamin Navet on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:00 p.m. at the Hôtel des Arts.

→ "Summer in Toulon" course on Saturdays at 10:00 am, departing from the Hôtel des Arts.
Guided tour on a tour of the various exhibition sites: Hôtel des Arts, Rue des Arts, Galerie du Canon, Former bishopric.
Duration: 2 hrs

→ Commented bike route, twice a month from July to October.
Discover the 5 emblematic buildings highlighted in the exhibition at the Galerie du Canon: The Savings Bank, The Town Hall, The Front of the Port, The Port Marchand swimming pool, the Chapel of the Transfiguration

Echoing the universes of François Halard and Alexandre Benjamin Navet, artistic creation workshops (Pop-Up, drawing, photography, sculpture on paper ...) are offered at the Hôtel des
Arts on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.
Duration: 1h30
On July 11, August 29, September 19 and October 17, the workshops are led by the artist Alexandre Benjamin Navet.

An à la carte course is offered to elementary school students, graduate students, leisure centers, associations, socio-cultural centers, friends’ societies, at the Hôtel des Arts.

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