François Champsaur

the 27 June 2019
François Champsaur - © Villa Noailles Hyères

Reprise des discussions naturelles

The idea behind this exhibition is to question the relationship between man and nature.
The consumerist society in which we all participate, taken to a fever pitch by the progress of the thermo-industrial era, is in the process of exhausting our terrestrial and human resources. It is time to rethink our means of creation, production, and mindset, in order to reconcile with nature as well as our own nature.

Scene 1: Nomadic plants
As soon as man stops interfering, nature takes over.
Like in an industrial wasteland, vegetation reclaims its rightful place and recreates an ecosystem.

Scene 2: Bundles of sticks and other ideas
Contemplating simplicity within reach, within sight.
Like a natural primer which allows us to imagine and create new horizons, no longer founded upon manufacturing, productivity, and our egos, but on nature, poetry, and slowness.

Scene 3: Evening foam
Without water, nothing remains. Not life, not energy, not thought, nor production.
Water is the source of life, it is the origin of everything. An opportunity to rethink our behaviour and our means of production so that they no longer alter the living.

Scene 4: Creative laziness
Not to no longer do anything, but to do nothing.
The mind is like plants: when it is left free, it wanders.
To reconnect with the benefits of laying down and doing nothing: that is when we work inwardly, beneath the surface.

Scene 5: A frugal utopia
A nourishing Earth is abundance.
When it is treated with respect, it produces everything which we need.

Cooking, sharing, exchanging living, energetic, and nurturing nourishment. Eating local produce in season without chemicals, living wine, joyfulness, and love.

François Champsaur

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