Kim Haddou & Florent Dufourcq

the 27 June 2019
Kim Haddou & Florent Dufourcq - © Villa Noailles Hyères

Fenêtres sur Cours

Here we are in a Mediterranean living room, a timeless location which juggles between periods and memories.
Its large windows open up onto the Cours Lafayette in Toulon and its market. Whilst everything is bustling down below, this space is an invitation to relax, a few minutes or a few hours, in the mugginess of the summer. A location where one does nothing special, pointless, and hence indispensable. A location to observe, overlooking the madness of the town. A living room for day dreaming, inviting, discussing, meeting.
An important fireplace in a 70s style makes the warm light of the south dance, filtered by large draped curtains in a terracotta colour. The large bench seat evokes the elegant seats of Roman villas and the conviviality of interiors from North Africa. A floor made from pebbles echoes traditional Provençal calades and the floors of Italian palazzi. Their round shape softens the neo-classical lines of the wall decorations, brea- thing life into the raw, mineral, and structured atmosphere. An antique Venus welcomes visitors, with her eternal gentleness and leads them towards mythological, romantic, and nostalgic stories. The barely raised from the depths of the bay amphora are ready to deliver their secrets.
Kim Haddou and Florent Dufourcq are the prize winners of the Grand Prix Design Parade Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels 2018 (ex aequo with Antoine Chauvin). Graduates of the Camondo school, they founded their studio in Paris in 2015. Since last summer, the national theatre of Toulon, the théâtre Liberté, has entrusted them with the renovation of its bar and the villa Noailles art centre has invited them to create the scenography for the historical exhibition on Élise Djo-Bourgeois (March to May 2019) and Jean Hugo (June to September 2019).

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